PoppyGo 0.6 beta

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Release summary

In the September release or better called the after-holiday release, the main focus was on getting the Windows version tested and up to the level of the version or Mac. Besides the Windows version we introduced configuration for redirects, fixed couple of bugs.

Windows version

The windows version now works almost like the version for Mac. One thing that’s not yet available, is directly importing from pogosite, pogotheme and pogocontent download links. Files won’t open automatically in PoppyGo when clicking these files.On Mac this is already available.

Redirecting old URLs

If you’re switching from an old site to a new URL structure while using PoppyGo, you now can make sure that you do not loose the site authority that you’ve built-up over the years. With 301 and 302 redirects you can smoothly redirect old urls to the new structure. This will also ensure that organic traffic will not end-up in pages that do not exist anymore.

Other improvements

PoppyGo has been made more stable. Bugs were solved.

What to expect for next release?

In the next release the usability of the app will be further improved. Also we will let you choose and publish to new domains from the app, so that you can push your websites to your own PoppyGo domain anytime.