PoppyGo 0.5 beta

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In the July release, we improved the usability. Many actions were made more simple. For examle importing themes and sites used to be quite some hassle. Now that has become simple and easy. A lot of small improvedments were made in this field.

The highlight of the month

This month we are proud to announce our import-link feature. In one click a user receives an update of the site. No separate downloading anymore, no searching and importing. Now this has become frictionless.

How does it work?

PoppyGo 0.5 beta release
The web developer can send a simple link on which the end customer clicks… et voilá. There it is! The simple link can be created in the following way: Upload your file to a file server of your choice and add the link as a parameter to the poppygo siteupdate link: poppygo.io/siteupdate/?get=my-file-URL

Other improvements

PoppyGo became more stable, and user-friendly. Next to this, we added automated minification and gzip to the built-script of PoppyGo websites.

See all updates below

New features

  • As developer, be able manage site home content
  • Make “open in browser”-text clickable
  • Edit item -> open in browser & mobile browser
  • Save last used site and open this automatically
  • Gitlab-ci gzip and minify
  • Export import content

Fixed bugs

  • Fix image preview in singles
  • Improve progress windows (broken)
  • Cannot read config when in directory “config/_\default/config.yml”
  • Lfs problems what about….?
  • Embgit doesn’t delete items on the remote repo

UX work for next releases

  • UX main navigation in app (publish, menu header and link to web URL
  • UX for First use after download welcome screen
  • UX improve resourcebundle image UX
  • Communicate changelog