PoppyGo 0.8 beta

A fresh new release early 2021

With groundbreaking new features.

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In-app upgrade of your hosting service combined with automatically reading your theme, Poppygo now has become the free website builder for Hugo.

You can easily manage all your Hugo websites from within PoppyGo. Adapting your settings, email form parameters and redirects, choosing your PoppyGo domain and upgrading for your custom domain, hosting SLA and additional services.

In-app upgrade of your hosting service

From now on, you can easily upgrade your PoppyGo service with a few simple steps.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release
PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Check our documentation about upgrading your PoppyGo site.

Experimental features

We have added a couple of interesting experimental features. In the near future, these experimental features will be promoted to core features.

Automated CMS configuration

One of these experimental features is the “Generate PoppyGo config”. PoppyGo will generate the data model and CMS fields automatically based on the content structure that is actually in place.

So when you want to test PoppyGo with your own Hugo site, just press this menu item and you will have your site content manageable in a second.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Do you want to customise the menu and menu items?

Yes! You can!

We have built in a customisation module so you can customise the CMS fully so your can make it fit to the level of knowledge of your customers.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Check our documenation on automated configuration

Generate website from Hugo template git url

Another experimental feature is generating a website from a git url of a hugo template. The feature uses the example website as content to populate the demo website.

Check our documentation about generating website from hugo theme git url

Asset management for page bundle images and images in static folder

Now, when you work with the automated configuration feature, you will get your assets management as a bonus. PoppyGo makes an inventory of your image folders in the static folder. It also looks at images in your pages that are placed as a pagebundle. You will get your imageoverview automatically.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Configurable redirects in PoppyGo

In the previous release, it was possible to manage redirects in a _redirect.json file. Now, in this release we added a menuitem for redirects so the redirects are configurable from within PoppyGo. This makes managing redirect even more accesible. Also, vanity URLs can be made and managed here.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Configurable home screen in PoppyGo

In the previous release we added a configurable home-screen. Just like with the redirects, now we made them available from within PoppyGo. This makes it easier to add information as you work. You can keep a changelog here for example.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Configurable (contact) forms in PoppyGo

Now email forms settings are configurable from within PoppyGo. You can create as many forms as you want.

PoppyGo 0.8 beta release

Working with selectboxes

In this release you now can configure selectboxes for the automated PoppyGo configuration.

check documentation on select boxes

Themes overview at first-use for quickstarting your website

For new users, now we made it more easy to get started with PoppyGo. At the first-use welcome screen, we added an overview of the downloadable themes to get started. In this way we can show the power of PoppyGo right from the start.

New Themes added to our curated Hugo Themes list

Also during this development sprint, we added a bunch of themes to our curated theme library. Checkout our selection of Hugo themes here