Upgrade PoppyGo Pro

Connecting to your custom domain is Simple with PoppyGo Pro.

Inside the app, you can upgrade to PoppyGo Pro in a couple of simple steps.

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You upgrade to PoppyGo Pro from within the app.

Download the app

Step 1: Make sure you have registered as a user, and claimed a pogosite domain.

In the dashboard and publish dialogue, you can register as user and claim your pogosite domain to make your first publish to the web. PoppyGo needs to verify your email address to make sure it’s you.
So, in order to upgrade, your email needs to be validated.

Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation

Step 2: Click “Upgrade to PoppyGo Pro” and pay subscription.

I might surprise you, but you’re almost there already:).
Click the button and you will be redicted to our payment system. There you create your subscription for €3,- per month. You can unsuscribe any time.

Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation

At the moment you can pay with creditcard only

Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation

Step 3: Connect you custom domain

After your payment is succesful, you can choose your custom domain from within the app.

Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation

Step 4: Make changes to your domain name povider

In PoppyGo hosting, now your custom domain is connected, but to make it effective, you have to point your domain name provider to our servers to make it work.

Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation

You need to add records to accomplish this.

Instructions for connecting your custom domain
### Step 5: Enjoy! You are upgraded and connected to your new account.
Upgrade PoppyGo Pro documentation