About PoppyGo

PoppyGo is the website maker app for your Hugo websites. Hugo itself is a fantastic static site generator with its unbeatable speed out-of-the-box features. Now, working with Hugo sites just got much easier with PoppyGo!

PoppyGo offers a user-friendly way to manage your Hugo sites. With PoppyGo you manage content, menu’s and settings as well as managing assets and images in pagebundles and static folders. The preview that shows what you’re editing and a simple click on the publish button brings your site to the web.
Now you can also empower your customers with managing the content, while you focus on the development of the theme.

About PoppyGo pages

How does it work?

While other CMSses and website builders are web services, PoppyGo is an app on your laptop. Now you use the speed of your laptop to preview your website and edit content. It is the safest way, since you only send your content when you publish. The information is sent over SSH, so it’s safe.

With PoppyGo you can work together on the same content with your customer and complete teams. Synchronisation and versioning of content and theme works in the same way it works with git.

You can publish easily to a live preview URL on a pogosite subdomain and at any time upgrade your site to be delivered from your custom domain.

It comes with additional services for static websites, like managing redirects and email form service.

Starting with PoppyGo

It is an app on your laptop. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download and use it for free.

Download PoppyGo

PoppyGo reads your content and data structure and makes your site content manageable when you open your own Hugo site with PoppyGo

If you did not build a site yet, you can start with the selection of Hugo themes on this site.

Checkout our selection of Hugo themes ready to start with Poppygo

Or you can use any Hugo theme from the Hugo themes repo by pointing to the github repo. PoppyGo will do the rest.

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